Have You Tried CAD-CUT Flock?

CAD-CUT Thermo-FLOCK gives a textured, soft result that is perfect for printing on blankets and more. Example created by Kristen Dew Eggers.

I ran across some customer posts where people were discussing CAD-CUT FLOCK heat transfer vinyl and a few people said they had never heard of it or used it before. Others were saying how much they loved working with it. It always shocks me when I learn that some people have never heard of or tried FLOCK before. Have you tried using CAD-CUT FLOCK ? It’s one of our best-selling products and has been since we introduced this velvety finish material with a polyurethane adhesive back in the 80’s (remember Thermo-FLOCK?). It’s really perfect for lettering and logos, it’s great on towels (for bowling, golf, hockey, etc…), volleyball uniforms (it slides!) and all types of fan wear. If you have customers that request a textured finish but don’t want embroidery, try flock. If you’ve never tried it before, this short video below is a great introduction. You can cut it yourself or order custom cut Flock logos and names from our cutting services. If you have an embroidery machine, you can also use it as a Rip-Away Applique fabric. 

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