T-Shirts Still Powerful Promotional Items


Here’s the 11th thing every sales person should know about–the CAD-PRINTZ bid kit. Bringing samples of printed items to your sales meeting is always a good thing!

An article in ASI’s September 2013 Advantages Magazine, Ten Things Every Sales Rep Should Know, by Jennifer Vishnevsky, had some important information for anyone trying to sell into the promotional products market. You need to be armed with information before trying to sell promotional items to clients who are purchasing large numbers of promotional items. While this can be anything from pens to bags to desk accessories, according to the article, t-shirts are still one of the most popular promo items out there (after pens). Heat printing is one way you can keep costs down when pitching promotional items to large clients, since it’s also always advisable to make sure you can show a printed sample of what it is you have to offer. Don’t forget we have a CAD-PRINTZ® Bid Kit that is an inexpensive way to create a portfolio of different printed items to help close sales. It is effective with both large and small clients, perfect for anyone who likes to see what they’re buying before they order. It could help you set yourself apart from the competitors.

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