Thank You For Your Amazing Spirit

Thank you to Lindsay Hicks for posting this on Stahls’ Heat Print for Profit Facebook page. Her shirt is available today online at 

Despite the cancellations and the many doors closed to the public, we are still seeing some signs of life out there and we loudly applaud your efforts. Especially those that try to find the humor. Without making light of the health battles so many are fighting, Mary and I find that good humor and laughter can help ease the burden, if even for a few moments. Laughter is always right and appropriate (as long as it is not at someone else’s expense). Even in our darkest hours, if you find something funny, please allow yourself to laugh. There are medical studies that have shown how laughter and humor provide benefits to the body and soul, including strengthening your immune system, reducing pain, relieving stress and increasing energy. I’m not a doctor and I did not conduct these studies personally, but I find them to be true.  We are glad to see many of you opening or re-invigorating your online stores and we have seen news stories of screen printers who are open for business and printing shirts. We also applaud everyone’s efforts to stay safe and practice social distancing guidelines. Thank you to everyone keeping in touch via social media during this very difficult time, and thank you to everyone who is making an effort to keep us smiling. And to all the folks on the front lines, the first responders, the doctors, nurses and health care workers out there, we urge you to stay safe and hopefully, to find a reason to smile soon.

Tom Rauen of Screen Print Marketing shared this screen.

Jason Parke of Greek Corner shared a sign he recently posted on his shop door.

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