Keep Calm and Know Your Options

Michelle Anderson shared this St. Patrick’s Day design with us but it can be worn any day of the year.

Thanks to those of you who took the time to share some of your St. Patrick’s Day creations with us on Stahls’ All Things Heat Printing Facebook page. As always, we are grateful to those of you who continue to share your stories with us, even though it’s a far cry from “business as usual.”  If you are a small business and are looking for some relief, you may want to consider the resources of the U.S. Small Business Administration. You can find out about loans and other disaster relief that may be available for you and your business. You will also find that many creditors, including credit card providers such as American Express, are willing to suspend interest, payments and fees until this crisis passes. But you need to call them and request this if you are unable to make a payment.

According to a message posted by Tom Rauen on Screen Print Marketing (a private Facebook group you can join) : “If you already have a loan of any type, you can ask for any payments due this month to be added to the end of the loan or obligation. But you have to ask. And document the answer. Talk to your bank, landlord, or other creditors. Ask for forbearance. Communicate with your creditors, customers, and employees more not less. Everyone understands this one is beyond our individual control. This won’t last forever. But we need to survive through to the recovery.”

We are thankful to all the members of the imprinted sportswear community out there who are going above and beyond to help their peers.

Thank you Audrey Rogers for sharing this design.

Natalie Naylor we are indeed lucky that you shared this beautiful design with us.

Lora Pellman, thank you for being a frequent contributor to our social media pages.

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