Small Businesses Need You Now

Our son Trevor Stahl posted this on his social media account today. Trevor is a small business owner that is being severely impacted by quarantine guidelines. We know many are affected and thought his words would resonate with you.

There is so much information out there concerning the COVID-19 virus. Too much information if you ask me, and much of it is misinformation. Unfortunately and at much expense to small businesses, I feel that the media is creating a bigger panic than need be. The media, along with many politicians, seem to be fueling a hysteria that isn’t necessary. While we encourage everyone to follow CDC guidelines, we hope that common sense is also a factor. We realize it is impacting so many small (and large) businesses that we work with, as well as our local restaurants, bars, shops and all types of service organizations. Our son Trevor Stahl, who is involved with a different type of small business, a fitness center, posted this on his social media account today:

From Trevor Stahl: 🙏I cannot emphasize this enough. 🙏

Small businesses employ over half of all US workers, and most small businesses run on razor-thin margins. Even a two week shutdown will lead to layoffs and possible permanent closures. Be fair to the businesses you love or they might not be around after this blows over in a couple of weeks…

You can make a difference in the lives who are most affected by the current shut-downs…

1. Pay your housekeeper even if they can’t clean.

2. Pay your gym fee or trainer and ask them to provide at home or online workouts like we are doing at FBBC.

3. Pay for your kid’s group activities such as martial arts, cheer, gym, dance.

4. Buy gift cards at the places you frequent such as restaurants, hairdressers, nails, massage therapists, etc.

5. Put yourself in their shoes.

The average small business can shut down or go into bankruptcy if they lose just 10% of their reoccurring customers over the next few weeks 🥺

Please share this 🙏

To all my SMALL business friends DO NOT go DARK do not give up HOPE. Our communities need us now more than ever. Keep adding value however you can, and remember WHY you started. This too shall pass.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. There are a lot of unknowns surrounding the Coronavirus, and it’s such a wait and see situation. Hope everyone keeps on getting creative in order to survive.

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