The Best Way to Print Team Numbers

You can order pre-cut numbers by the pack, kit or team set. One and two color styles.

Pre-cut numbers from Stahls’ are still the fastest, easiest way to print team uniforms. Did you know you can order pre-cut numbers in different ways? You can order them in 170 piece kits or you can order them in 10-piece per digit packs. You can also order Team Sets, which gives you enough to number team jerseys 1-20. There’s even a number calculator that helps you figure out how much you need to order. You simply enter the range of numbers you need for a team, such as 1-15, and then enter the number of times you need that range. The calculator figures it out for you and places the packs in your cart. If you choose to order by the pack, simply enter the number of packs you need for each number. However, remember that you are ordering packs of 10 pieces if you order by the pack. This video shows you how easy it is to use pre-cut numbers. If you own a cutter and think it’s easier to cut your own, think again. Yes it’s great to have a cutter on hand in order to take care of any last minute orders, but if you are printing team uniforms in any quantity you will want to use pre-cuts. Most of our customers find that having a kit or two of pre-cut Thermo-FILM numbers on hand is a great way to be prepared. You can’t go wrong with having a kit of black or white Thermo-FILM numbers on hand at any time.

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