Logo Placement Made Easy

This is an example of the helpful information you will find in the 23-page Ultimate Guide to Design Placement. Download your free copy today.

It’s important to get design placement right the first time when you’re heat printing. Experienced garment decorators become very comfortable with “eye-balling” design placement. But that’s not ideal for everyone, especially newbies. If you are new to heat printing, don’t despair, you will pick up your own system in no time. There are many tips and tricks that involve the armpits of the shirt, using your hands, layout guides and t-squares. Of course for those that need to make sure it’s absolutely perfect every time, you may want to consider a laser guide system. And, you will also need to consider the size of the garment. If this is starting to sound overwhelming, don’t worry. Our garment decoration experts have put all the information you will ever need on design placement in one handy guide.

For the best tips on placing graphics for heat printing, download your free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Design Placement.


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