The Business of T-Shirts Debuts in Atlantic City


Ron Lykens, Xtreme Wear Printing, Dubois, Pa., gets his copy of "The Business of T-Shirts" signed by author Mark L. Venit at the Atlantic City Imprinted Sportswear Show, Friday, March 11.

 At the Atlantic City Imprinted Sportswear Show March 11-13,  Mark L. Venit  released his latest book “The Business of T-Shirts.” I wasn’t able to be there in person but Deborah Sexton provided me with this photo from his book signing in the Stahls’ ID Direct booth, as well as a few Q & A’s from an interview she did with Mark at the show. Here’s what he had to say. 

Q. Why did you write this book?

Mark: So many people come into our industry excited about the opportunities. They go out and buy equipment and supplies, and as you can imagine, their first concern is to learn how to work the equipment. Once they learn the equipment, the next step is to generate paid work. This is the owner’s manual for how to generate customers. You can’t just read it and then it’s going to happen. You have to put the concepts and principles into action. But I’ve included techniques that I have been proving in the field for more than 30 years that are specific to decorated apparel businesses. 

Q. What do you hope to accomplish with this book?

Mark: There are a sizeable number of new people who come into the industry every year, but unfortunately, the mortality rate is staggering. Most decorators don’t make a lot of money. They make a living. It’s my hope that anyone who reads this book will make a whole lot more money than they’ve ever dreamed possible.

This 400 page book is packed with information. And like I say in my blurb on the back cover: There’s a lot of business out there. Mark tells you how to get it.

The Business of T-Shirts is priced at $40 and you can preorder  your copy at  The Business of  The first batch of books is practically sold out but more are on order!

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  1. Dan Harmon says:

    Can someone get me a response from Mark Venit about his new Book,
    The Business of T-Shirts. I went to the website over 10 days ago to order the book and all they do is take your name & email????

    Book was just released…..I am ready to order……


  2. Ted says:

    Hi Dan,
    We did have 100 books on hand in Atlantic City but those are sold out I believe. We are reprinting and they should be available in several weeks. If you already left your name on the website you should be getting an email in the near future letting you know how to order a copy. I will ask Mark if he has any from the first printing still available to get to you though. Best, Ted

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