Thinking Outside the Batting Box

Stahls' CADPrintz full color digital transfers can be applied on just about anything that you can put under a heat press. It's the only way to print high quality full color logos on unusual items such as batting gloves.

It’s a known fact that it’s much more efficient and profitable to sell more to your existing customers than to get a new client. So what that means is, on an ongoing basis, you should always be assessing your clientele and when they come in, propose a new product or service to them. So here’s an idea that is perfect for the upcoming spring sports season: decorated sports gloves. What baseball team would not be thrilled to get batting gloves with their team logo on it? Or to take it one step further, how many kids lose their batting gloves or leave them around to be tossed in a lost and found? Consider creating a transfer or lettering to put their name or initials on their glove to increase the chances of it being returned. As the weather warms up, golf tournaments and events will be happening across the country. Instead of suggesting another golf towel or cap, what about a golfing glove with a corporate or event logo on it? Or maybe a golf tournament might want to offer a personalized golfing glove as part of its prizes to its winners.You may want to go to the local sporting goods store and take a look at what types of gloves are available that offer enough space to heat seal a custom screen printed transfer  or a print-and-cut transfer. This is a no-brainer for a sporting goods store that already sell the gloves and have a heat press but it’s also a great add-on sale for any shop that caters to teams or sporting events. Stahls’ CAD-Printz full color digital transfers are ideal for heat printing on gloves, bags, umbrellas, stadium seats and just about any add-on sale you can think of.

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