Transfer Trends–Shine On

New Pearl Prints from Transfer Express let you profit from the latest trend in custom printing,shine, shine, shine!

 What are garment manufacturers looking for from their transfers? Sparkle, glitter, metallic. They want to dazzle people with their artwork and “bling” is the keyword. Not necessarily rhinestones (although they are also still hot in many markets), but inks that shine and catch people’s attention.  One easy way to do that is with new Pearl Prints from Transfer Express. You really have to see these transfers in person to appreciate them, but they are knocking the socks off of everyone who has a chance to use them. And not just for the fashion market. Even serious athletic teams are looking for more glimmer and shine in their logos, names, sponsor names and numbers. If you want to learn more about this trend and how to take advantage of it, the folks at Transfer Express and Great Garment Graphics are holding a webinar on Sept. 23 to explain how you can create the latest fashion forward looks with specialty inks, including glitter, Pearl Prints, reflective and more. Or if you can’t wait that long, just call Transfer Express at 800-622-2280 and ask them about their latest specialty inks.  

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