You Can Probably Heat Print It!

Full color CAD-PRINTZ transfer heat applied on a beach chair. Now try to screen print that!

I guess no matter what you call it, heat sealing, heat pressing or heat printing, it’s still the same thing–the fastest, easiest, and usually the most profitable way to print dozens and dozens of customized items. Especially odd shaped, difficult to print items. Whether you’re talking about using transfers, letters, numbers, CAD-CUT, CAD-COLOR, ink-jet papers, laser papers, if you can fit the item you want to print under a heat press, you can most likely find a heat print graphic that will work.  As we enter the fall tradeshow season, we are seeing a lot of people entering the business and realizing what thousands have before them–that it is the easiest way to get started in the personalization business.

At the same time, people already in business are adding heat presses to their shops. I am seeing more sign shops than ever getting into heat printing. And I have to correct people when they say they’re embroiderers, in reality they’re much bigger than that. More and more personalization specialists are realizing what the small town decorator has always known…you have to offer more than one type of decoration in order to be successful. Apart from heat printing, there really is no “one size fits all” when it comes to decorating.

Metallic CAD-PRINTZ design applied on leather bag. Also works on faux or fake leather.

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