It’s a small world

Ted Stahl and Riley Hopkins

At a classic car show last weekend, I ran into an old friend and industry veteran Riley Hopkins. The blurb on his website says it best: “When Riley Hopkins built the first four color printing press in the early 70’s at his San Franscisco shop… it started a revolution in the screen printing industry. Over 35 years and over 20,000 machines later, Riley Hopkins and his staff are still designing and manufacturing the best manual printers you can buy, period.” He does make some amazing presses.
I knew Riley was a race car enthusiast, but I didn’t know he was voted the most improved driver in 1983 by the Sports Car Club of America. He has been involved with cars of all kinds since a very young age and has also been involved with the classic car show where I met up with him for over 20 years. 
Our 1919 Meissenhelder, which is a one of a kind classic automobile, won a prize. We were just thankful to be invited to this show and honored to be selected as a second place winner in its class in this sea of phenomenal cars.

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