What’s Up in the World of Heat Printing

Out of town this last weekend at a very upscale classic car event and of course had to purchase a t-shirt. Was I surprised that it was decorated with an inkjet paper? Not really. I know that millions and millions of sheets of ink jet paper are sold everyday…they are being used by screen printers and decorators around the world who have recognized this as one solution for printing full color graphics in extremely low quantities, in a hurry. I know some people have a predisposition against the quality of inkjet paper prints, but it has its place in the world of heat printing. Concerned about washability? Guess what? Some shirts don’t need to be washed 50 times and still look good. For shirts that are only worn on the day of an event, like a school’s spirit week, spirit day, jogathon, or some other fundraiser type of event, an inkjet print is just the ticket. I have seen them used on garments sold at high retail prices by major manufacturers as well. It’s about the artwork, it’s about selling the sizzle of a design, it’s about getting it printed and out the door quickly and in any quantity. Huge improvements have been made in the quality of both inkjet and laser printer transfer papers…try it yourself sometime and see.

And here’s whats on the agenda for this week if you are looking for educational events or new ideas in the world of heat printing:

Happy learning everyone.

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