Understanding Artwork for T-Shirts

One of the most frequent questions we receive, is “how do I create art to put on a T-shirt?” There is a lot of confusion about vector vs. raster, Pantone colors, file types and sizing, especially when your customer has existing artwork.

How do you take it from point A to point B? This new guide, written by Dane Clement of Great Dane Graphics, goes over the basic terminology and art concepts that every garment decorator should know. Dane is a world-renowned writer and speaker in the decorated apparel industry since 1987. He is considered an expert on computer graphics and color separations for textile screen printing, dye sublimation, digital direct-to-garment and heat-applied graphics. The guide even has a special chart that will help you understand the differences between a jpeg, cdr and AI file.

Which types of files are best for T-shirt printing? Download this free, 17-page booklet for a complete overview of frequently used artwork terms, basic art concepts, how to work with color files, the difference between CMYK and RGB and much more. It’s an excellent reference guide for anyone who plans to create artwork for T-shirts.

Artwork that has been created for printing on paper or for use on the web is not always suitable for printing on garments. This booklet helps you understand why and will remove the mystery surrounding commonly used artwork terms.

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