Veterans Day at Stahls’ Automotive Foundation

Thank you to all the veterans and their families who came out to support Guardian Angel Medical Service Dogs at the Stahls’ Automotive Foundation on November 11, 2019. Thank you also to Tom Daldin, host of Under the Radar, Michigan, for stopping in.

We are proud to be able to host our annual Open House for Veterans at the Stahls’ Automotive Foundation on November 11, 2019. Even though an early snowstorm made it a little more difficult than usual for people to get here, we still had a very nice turnout. Thank you to everyone who made sure their snow tires were on and came out to Chesterfield to honor our veterans. This annual event is part of our Power Play for Heroes weekend, a two-day fundraising effort to support Guardian Angel Medical Service Dogs. Something new we started this year was sharing a collection of “Thank You” notes that we had asked previous visitors to the museum to write during their visits. We collected hundreds of heartfelt, sincere handwritten sentiments and created displays. Veterans were encouraged to take a note or two or three home with them. It was really special and we plan to do this again in the future. We are truly so thankful for the service of all our veterans. If you attended, you also had the opportunity to meet a few hardworking service dogs in person. Thank you to Jeff and Sheldon for coming out and bringing your dogs. They are beautiful and always welcome at the museum. It was also good to run into Tom Daldin, host of Under the Radar, Michigan, which is a very popular local, award winning public television show. Thank you to all our volunteer docents and all the folks from the Stahls’ Automotive Foundation who helped make this day a success, as well as all our GroupeSTAHL family of volunteers. It wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of many. Thank you all for honoring and supporting veterans.

Say hello to Jeff and his dog Paul (left) and Sheldon and his dog Roy. We are thankful for your service and it’s wonderful to see you with your dogs. Thanks for coming!

We have been collecting Thank You notes from museum visitors for the past months and have put them on display. Veterans were encouraged to take a note or two home with them. They were all very heartfelt and thankful.

Young Nina, age 5, was discovered singing in line at the local Target and we asked her to do the honor of singing the National Anthem to open our event. She did an excellent job!

Thanks to everyone who braved the elements and came out to honor our veterans and raise funds to support Guardian Angel Medical Service Dogs.

Terri Coppens and Docent Duane pictured with U.S. Air Force Veteran Charles Billiu at the Veterans Day event at Stahls’ Automotive Foundation

You can’t have a fundraising event without printed t-shirts!

Left to Right, Terri Coppens – Stahls’ Automotive Foundation General Manager with members of the Anchor Bay High School – AFJROTC MI-Unit 931, Cadet Tech Sgt. Campbell, Cadet 2nd Lieutenant McGuckin,Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Reed and Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Brejnak

Mary Lamparter, Advisory Board member of Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs with a poster of Babe, the service dog we sponsored last year.

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