What Would Steve Jobs Do?

All Hotronix heat presses belong on innovation avenue but you can be there to see our latest in heat printing technology at the ISS Atlantic City this weekend.

I’m not going to compare heat press innovation to the iPod, iPhone or iPad, but if there’s one thing Steve Jobs and I did agree on was that it’s important to make it as painless as possible for the customer to use your technology. I also believe in keeping things as simple as possible, which is why one of my favorite innovations is the non-stick heat platens you find on all Hotronix machines. One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Stahls’ is “how should I clean my heat platen?” If you own a Hotronix machine, the answer is pretty simple: Just heat it up and wipe it off. All our platens are non-stick so they are very easy to clean. If your press DOESN’T have a non-stick platen, you will have to try using GoJo or even light sandpaper. Just like we did with non-stick platens, Stahls’ is always looking for ways to make it easier than ever for you to heat print. If you are headed to the Atlantic City Imprinted Sportswear Show March 9-11, you’ll have a ring-side seat at the unveiling of our latest heat printing innovation. Stop by Stahls’ Booths 602 and 603 and take a look. And also in Steve Jobs fashion, I’m not going to tell you what the innovation is…you’re going to have to wait for the reveal this Friday!

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