What’s in your logo?

It’s not easy when you have a powerful brand and you’re told you have to get rid of all your logo placements. That’s the situation faced by the University of North Dakota, which  has been ordered to change its Fighting Sioux logo. According to the Associated Press: “The state’s flagship school is undergoing a mandatory facelift after the NCAA concluded that the 80-year-old nickname was hostile and abusive. Most of the Sioux logos must be removed by next August. The agreement with the NCAA says the school can keep historical items related to the nickname and items embedded in the architecture, but all other images will have to go.” As far as I can tell from the web, there are no immediate plans to adopt a new logo…I’m sure that will take a lot of thought and input.  I hope the retailers can sell all the logoed merchandise they have in stock before the ban takes effect. Hopefully the merchandisers were smart enough to use transfers…this way they would have less of a loss than if they have to stop selling pre-printed items. If anyone at UND or anyone supplying UND is reading this and needs to see some samples of their new logo ideas made up into full color transfers, I know where they can order them…CAD-PRINTZ are perfect for this type of logo presentation, since you can apply them on just about anything, you can order as few as one piece and they’re easy to order. Good luck with finding that new logo UND. It’s hard to please everyone, isn’t it?

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