What’s Your Number?

I've never seen a number 7 presented on a jersey like this before. This photo is from a Pro beach soccer match in Oceanside, CA. The team in blue is from Japan.

With over 40 years in the industry, and with Stahls’ numbers and letters found on jerseys all over the world, I’m something of an expert in numbers and am always glad to see new and interesting styles. Even with an increase in the number of styles and colors available, you’d be surprised at how set in their ways many people are when it comes to numbering sports jerseys. Many sports have specific rules as to size and even styles allowed. Because of this, our number one best sellers remain Varsity and Pro Block, even though we offer many other styles, and have been known to jump on a numbering trend or two.  Soccer is probably one of the most innovative sports I’ve seen when it comes to number styles, and I’m sure we’ll see a lot of interesting numbers from around the world when the World Cup starts on June 11th.

When we introduced lightweight ThermoFILM (today the world’s most popular numbering material) back in the early 1980’s, I was more than a little surprised that it didn’ t put an end to sales of our vinyl numbers. In fact, people still order vinyl for sports like football and hockey where they want that super heavy hand. But the trend overall is definately towards lighter, easy to wear numbering materials. 

Transfer Express numbers give you the look of screen printing

If you want numbers that match your custom transfer logo inks exactly, Transfer Express offers numbers that are super easy to apply.  And at both Stahls’ and Transfer Express, we are seeing more two color numbers being sold than ever before.

Choose from 10 unique custom styles from Stahls' Specialty Numbers

If you are looking for more unusual numbers but don’t want to design your own, Stahls’ has 10 Specialty Number styles that may be more attention grabbing than the classic Pro Block and Varsity styles. They are an easy way to create a custom look without paying the price of custom design fees. Even better, you can order them in one, two or three color styles. The style in the picture is called “Wedge” and its shown in a two-color, gold on black. Again, not all leagues allow numbers that are too out of the ordinary, so make sure you choose numbers that are within the guidelines of your specific sports organization. Some have no rules at all when it comes to uniform design and the sky’s the limit. That’s when we see some really outrageous looks, metallic numbers, neon numbers and I’ve even seen plaid numbers used by some very creative recreational teams. I would love to see your favorite number styles, or leave a comment and tell me about the strangest experience you’ve ever had numbering jerseys. I will even post a picture if you can get it to me via email.

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