Let’s Try this Again

It's always interesting to learn more about people through their hobbies and interests. Mark Venit is a master sandcastle sculptor.

Earlier I posted something titled “Hopefully You Have a Hobby Too”, but I took it down quickly afterwards because the video embed didn’t work properly. Sorry if you got a Tweet about that and then couldn’t find the link. It was a fun video about how industry colleague and longtime friend Mark Venit made one of his spectacular sandcastle creations. I am always fascinated to learn what others do in their spare time. Mark, living near the sand, has chosen to make sandcastles, and not just any old sandcastle but he creates true works of art. Here is a link to enjoy more of his creations, but I am giving up on posting the video link for now. Photos I can handle.    http://www.oceancity.com/ImageGallery/index.php?catid=24

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