Get Your Face Out There!

How YOU doing? Take some time to connect with your customers and let them know you still exist!

It’s never a bad idea to remind folks that you are still in business and would love their repeat order this spring. Like the seal in this photo…get your face out there and get recognized! What can you do? If you have the time and/or manpower, pick up the phone and start calling customers who ordered with you last year but haven’t placed an order yet this year. It’s not cold-calling because they’ve done business with you before. You don’t have to hard sell them on the phone, just tell them it’s a courtesy call and you wanted to let them know that you have a new service, such as 2-color lettering or you have new lettering styles or you can now print on nylon jackets, or you can now print on caps, or whatever it is that you can offer that they might not have heard about. You can offer them full color printing, unlimited colors,any logo on any fabric, even nylon or Lycra. If they’re interested, you can fill this order with CAD-PRINTZ™, even if you’ve never used this service before. But you get the idea, call existing customers. Most likely you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how they respond to your call. Even if it doesn’t result in an order, at least they will know you are still in business and doing well, and they will keep you in mind the next time they have a need for personalization.

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  1. Dan says:

    With our DTG printers, we have made several Photo Ts for customers to use for thier family reunions. Visit and look at our pre-decorated designs. One family had a design done & thier reatives from Nevada bought some Ts after they saw the designs. Have a great day!

  2. Jay E. Dupuie says:

    Shops with print/cut machines should take advantage of this mothers day with pictures of kids on a shirt for mom, or grandmas.

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