Why You Need to Print Faster, On More Fabrics Than Ever

Not only is the demand for custom printing on apparel continuing to grow, the speed at which our customers want finished products is also increasing. Recently I was shocked to discover items I ordered from Amazon on a Sunday on my doorstep Monday morning. More and more companies are stepping up and offering products faster than ever, not only with two-day service via Amazon Prime, but now there is PrimeNow offering same day delivery in some areas. The same with Walmart and Target…you order online and either pick up your order or have it delivered same day via various programs. It’s mind-boggling how fast many retailers are responding. Are you able to keep up? In a recent article in the March 2019 issue of Counselor Magazine (go to page 30/31), the author recounted a story of how Fanatics has delivered winning championship team jerseys within hours of a team winning. They also mention Stahls’ doing on-demand printing at the NFL Draft, which wouldn’t be possible without a heat press. Turnaround times just keep getting faster and faster and heat printing is playing a huge role in helping retailers sell custom printed shirts and more. A heat press makes it possible to print just about any item in seconds. I also wanted to share a link to a new guide from Transfer Express that gives you an excellent overview on all the different types of fabrics you can heat print on. You will be pleasantly surprised that there is a heat transfer for just about every popular fabric out there…including some you may have not considered heat printing before. Click on this link to download your free copy of the Heat Printer’s Ultimate Guide to Fabric Types

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