Why You Should Sell “Decals” Instead of “Stickers”


This 2-day workshop took place in St. Clair Shores, Michigan on April 25 and 26th. For information on the next training event, go to myversacamm.com

Steven Jackson shows participants everything they need to know about digital printing with the VersaCAMM.

Steven Jackson shows participants everything they need to know about digital printing with the VersaCAMM.

Industry expert Steven Jackson recently held a VersaCAMM training event in St. Clair Shores, Michigan that I had the pleasure of “dropping in” on. I’ve known Steven for several years now, but let it be said–you can teach an old dog new tricks! (I would be the old dog, not Steven!) Thank you Steven for sharing your deep knowledge of this versatile piece of equipment. I know that the participants left with a new understanding of how to use this machine to grow their personalization businesses. This was a VersaCAMM hands on workshop for all user levels and it covered everything from the basics on artwork to final output. Participants can complete hands-on projects that include garments, banners, window applications decals and much more.  For example, we learned an experimental trick that I think Steven has been keeping top secret!  Not only did he show us how to adhere Glitter Flake to Sign Vinyl and make Glitter Decals, he reminded us of the importance of using the correct vocabulary. Since many people have an aversion to the word “stickers,” Steven shared his insight on how to sell more using the word “decal.” As another friend of mine likes to say, “your perception is your reality,” and for some reason the perception that decals are of a higher quality than plain old “stickers,” makes sense. If you own a VersaCAMM printer/cutter or have been considering purchasing one, make sure you visit myversacamm.com, a digital printing forum that will answer all your questions as well as inspire you to learn more. I’ll be sharing more about Steven Jackson, as well as our other educators in the coming weeks.IMG_0484



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  1. Tell us about the glitter decals!

  2. Rob Keuneke says:

    A big Thank You to Stahl’s and Steven Jackson for not only doing this training but also the Advance Training for the VersaCamm on May 1-2. This training session not only showed us how to get more out of the equipment and media but also help us to “Think Outside of the Heat Press”, by using different medias to create fantastic designs.

  3. Ted says:

    Hi Dennis, thanks for reading and for your comment. I forwarded your comment to Steven Jackson and here is his reply:
    From Steven Jackson: I have made glitter decals in the past by applying glitter flake heat transfer media to decal material or wall graphic media and then cutting the decal normally on a cutter.


    Remove the glitter flake carrier from the media.

    Place the glitter flake media onto a piece of decal media or wall graphic material and cover with craft paper or nonstick application cover sheet.

    Heat press glitter flake onto decal media or wall graphic media at 280 degrees for 20 seconds.

    Use a cutter to cut the resulting media.

    Testing should be done with the specific decal media or wall graphic media to ensure it can withstand the heat press process.

    Note – Glitter flake media will fade in outdoor conditions in a short time.

    I hope this helps. Good luck!

  4. Bryan says:

    Hi Steven,

    Great article, we did start to sell wall decals on a http://www.majesticwallart.com dedicated to wall decor. It took us a quite few hours to set up, but it is a 24hr sales agent, and the best part we don’t start to work on anything unless we have been paid. So it was well work it for us!


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