Winning in Las Vegas–SGIA Expo Update

Just a coincidence that I took this photo, but I’m pretty sure that this is the same person who left a post on the GroupeSTAHL  Facebook page, Mike Hyneman. He is shown here at the Stahls’ SGIA booth talking with GroupeSTAHL Ceo Brian Sukarukoff. We are ready to welcome you to the industry Mike! Good luck saving your pennies.

I’m not talking about gambling winnings (although I have heard rumors that some members of our team had some unusually good luck), I’m talking about being involved in a winning industry! We just returned from the SGIA Expo in Las Vegas this past weekend, where the show organizers reported record breaking attendance of over 25,000 people on Friday! Good thing we had the largest booth we’ve ever had at this show.  It was a huge success on many levels. Not only were we busy from start to finish, we also had standing room only for most of our hourly “in-booth” seminars. In addition, we noticed that while we met with a lot of current customers, there were also hundreds of potential new ones.  There were those that are trying to expand their businesses, young professionals either getting started or others just looking for a way to create more business.  And comments from some of the exhibitors confirmed this trend. More than one exhibitor told me that their businesses were almost doubling and many others said they are experiencing their best sales in years.

Just ran across this comment from Mike Hyneman on our GroupeSTAHL Facebook page: “I had a great time with you guys on Thursday. Stahls’ made my whole trip. The folks in the booth were informative and friendly. They were genuinely excited about the products and services they offer. I even met the CEO who demonstrated his product with  a hands on approach. I am planning on ordering a Stahls’ system soon. “Just counting my pennies until I get there”.”





Stahls’ debuted its largest booth ever at the recent SGIA Expo in Las Vegas, where you could see products and services available from Stahls’ ID Direct, Stahls’ Transfer Express, Stahls’ Hotronix and Stahls’ CAD-CUT Direct as well as attend seminars in the Heat Printing Zone. If you click on the picture you can see how big it really is…panorama pic.

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