SGIA Record Attendance

Glitter Flake Dress at SGIA

This dress was used to show the attention grabbing quality of CAD-CUT Glitter Flake and it was a huge success with booth visitors.

We’ve heard from several sources, including SGIA board members, that the SGIA Expo had record or near record breaking attendance on opening day yesterday. The crowds seemed just as thick today, with all of our in-booth seminars it was standing room only and the team members working the booth barely had time to take a lunch break. Ben Robinson reported the sale of 5 Air Fusion heat presses after one of his workshops…and most of all the floor models have already been sold. We are getting feedback from customers who were at SGIA last year, from new customers who are just getting into the business and from long-time customers. I promise to share more after the show is finished. One thing I do want to reemphasize is that there is a lot of interest in learning more about, we will be posting Josh’s video on that so you can see for yourself. Bling is another huge topic, also reconfirmed by another source who has been interviewing ink manufacturers at the show. We never really thought it went out of fashion but ink companies are saying that blingy inks are back with a vengence. We have several team members wearing bling-covered dresses and they have been a big hit. Someone even offered to buy one of the dresses for $500! Sample rolls of Glitter-Flake heat transfer material are all sold out.

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