World Record Baseball Game

Congratulations to GroupeSTAHL team member Rob Knoll and his teammates who broke the world record for the longest baseball game while raising money to support veterans over Memorial Day weekend.

We hope you all enjoyed a safe and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend. We know that at least one GroupeSTAHL team member did not spend much time relaxing. Instead, Rob Knoll was busy helping to break the World Record for the longest baseball game ever played and raise over $80,000 for a charity organization that benefits veterans. According to Rob, who has done this before, “In 2012 we broke the record at 60 hours. Since then our record has been broken two times.” The plan for Rob’s group was to reclaim the record and bring it back to St. Louis. To do this, they had 60 players rotating in 4 hour shifts. While one squad is playing the other is eating, resting, showering. The team was successful, playing 294 innings in just over 74 hours! The fundraising effort supported “The Mission Continues,”  an organization that helps veterans transition into the real world after their duty. Stahls’ donated the lettering and event shirts for the game, and we were proud to be listed as a sponsor. Thank you to Rob and all your teammates for your dedication to helping those who served their country. If you would like to learn more about the charity or to donate, please visit The Mission Continues website. 

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