Free Custom Art from Transfer Express

No artwork charges from Stahls’ Transfer Express for the month of June!

One way we are making it easier to do business with us is by removing the costs associated with art creation. We know that getting the artwork right is 90% of the battle when it comes to pleasing your customers. And isn’t it also easier to do business when you are 100% sure of all costs in advance? No one wants to be surprised with extra fees. We’ve never charged art fees when you order our EasyPrints designs. But now, for the month of June we’re waiving art fees that are normally charged for EasyPrints Plus custom transfers. If you’ve never used our EasyPrints Plus service before, now is the time. You have the entire month of June to take advantage of this free service and pre-plan all your fall orders. If you have any questions on uploading your custom artwork, give us a call or visit the website. Stahls’ Transfer Express accepts the following file types:


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