New “Heat Press for Profit” Group


Join our new Facebook Group, Heat Press for Profit and find out how a fellow heat printer made a net profit of over $1400 on this 200 shirt order, printed with GoofProof transfers from Transfer Express.

Looking for a new way to communicate and network with your heat printing peers? Join our new closed group, Heat Press for Profit on Facebook. It’s a great way to get new ideas, find solutions and share your heat printing successes or challenges. I went through a few recent posts and saw information on heat printing a folding wagon, a discussion about heat printing at events, questions about naming a business and more. It’s good to see so many of you participating and sharing. Whether you are new to heat printing or have been decorating for years, you are welcome to join the group. This group is meant to be positive and solely about your heat printing or decorating business. It is moderated and you have to submit a request to join, but don’t worry, you’ll get in. Here are some of the rules and guidelines for members to follow:

1.) Anyone who is decorating apparel or using a heat press is permitted to join the group.
2.) Questions should be related to your heat printing business.
3.) No negativity. We want to be happy heat printers. If you have concerns or issues, please interact in a respectable manner. No profanity, defamatory, offensive or violent language.
4.) No sales pitches or affiliate links. Please do not use this as an avenue to promote your business or products or competitors’ products or services.
5.) No Spamming, or solicitations or promotions for or from other manufacturers, competitors or suppliers.
6.) No violating copyrights, or intellectual property rights from other companies or products.
7.) Moderators of the group have the right to remove any comments that do not offer a helpful solution to a problem.

We hope you choose to become a member and participate in this growing group.

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