Cheapest T-Shirt Alignment Tools

Once you figure out your hand size, you always have a ruler ready to go…certainly the cheapest and most convenient measuring tool when aligning designs on t-shirts.

Looking for the cheapest tools to align lettering and transfers on t-shirts you are printing? The answer is closer than you think. Your hands! Yes, there are many ways to achieve perfect layout alignment, including our Laser Alignment system, but there’s nothing wrong with using the simple 2-3 finger method when positioning a transfer. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it easier and faster than even grabbing a ruler or a T-square. Depending on the size of your hand, simply use two or three fingers for distance down from the collar for positioning a design on the front or back of a shirt. Or, if you have smaller hands, you might need to use 4 fingers. To gauge left to right, measure the distance from the sleeve seam on each side. If you want to align lettering, our classic Layout Boards are also inexpensive (about $3.50 each) For more information on layout and positioning, get a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Design Size and Placement. It’s free, you just need to fill out a little bit of information and then you can download the booklet and print it out.

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