A Day of Rain in Maine–Thursday at the Great Race

The Auburn is majestic, rain or shine. Photo courtesy greatrace.com

It’s hard to believe we are in the final stretch of the Great Race 2018. It’s even harder to believe all the Stahls Teams made it through the day. It was one of the toughest days yet. Throughout the day there was continual, drenching rainfall, soaking everyone to the bone. Especially the cars and drivers that don’t have a top or roof. Taking the back roads from Bangor, we arrived at the Seal Cove Auto Museum where we had a chance to admire the collection and dry out. We also have to hand it to all the classic car enthusiasts who still made it out to see the Great Racers in the downpour. Despite the wet weather, Arcadia National Park impressed us with all its glory. We were off the clock so we were able to do a bit more sightseeing than usual. Inside the park we took a scenic drive around the base of Cadillac Mountain on the Loop Road. Unfortunately the evening finish line activities in Bar Harbor were cancelled due to high winds and impending storms, but it gave us additional time to rest up, dry out and check the cars. A huge thank you to all our support staff for hanging in there despite all types of weather. We couldn’t do it without you. With three days of rallying yet to come, we cross the border into New Brunswick, Canada tomorrow morning.

We were worried about Trevor and Josh all day, since they don’t have a top on their car. They survived the Nor Easter that Maine threw at them but it was cold, wet and difficult riding.

Nice raincoat Josh!

It wasn’t raining when we left….the gang’s all here in Bangor, Maine. Ready to head out to Bar Harbor and then on to Canada!

Dan’s family is able to join in for the last few days of the Great Race 2018

Dan and Brad earned two ACES yesterday, congratulations!

The rain didn’t let up all day. At least we have a top on the car. Stars and Stripes, hang in there.

The Pink Ladies are driving a 1962 Chevy II Nova. This is a two-door hardtop with a 194 cubic inch overhead valve inline 6 cylinder engine with a Powerglide 2-speed automatic transmission.

Bar Harbor vistas and the Pink Ladies

Beautiful views even in, or because of, the rain.

The New England architecture is always inspiring and bold.

Bar Harbor, Maine

The top is up for the Mustang Sallys today.

Enjoying the views in Arcadia National Park

Despite all the rain and weather, Brett Stahl and sons get their best result of the rally so far, as well as another ACE!

Photo courtesy The Great Race. That’s the Packard coming up. To see more beautiful photos like this, go to greatrace.com

Keeping up their spirits even in this downpour. Photo courtesy greatrace.com

The Spirit of Stahls’ is strong, even in the pouring rain (Yes, you can heat print on umbrellas).

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