Great Race Wednesday June 27

William makes sure everything is ok under the hood

Today’s morning route took us from Gardiner to Owls Head. Driving the back country roads of Maine is quite an experience. Every once in a while we see some amazing and colorful Victorian architecture and classic farmhouses, but mostly it is a lot of green. It seems like we have the roads pretty much to ourselves. We have also determined we are now able to distinguish between the odors of cow, horse and sheep manure (insert laughing face). And as we get closer and closer to Canada, we’ve stopped counting the number of “Moose Crossing Beware” signs we’ve seen. For lunch on Wednesday, June 27, the Great Race stopped at the Owls Head Transportation Museum in Owls Head, Maine.  During lunch outside we were able to watch vintage aircraft fly above. Great Race Director Jeff Stumb was able to actually go for a ride in a beautifully restored biplane. We were able to watch him take off from the private runway at Owls Head Transportation Museum. It was really something. The Owls Head Museum also has a team in the race, with driver Toby Stinson and navigator Aedan Jordan, in the museum’s 1935 Ford Phaeton. The overnight stop this day was on the banks of the Penobscot River in downtown Bangor. What a beautiful waterfront. Fun fact, Paul Bunyan was born in Bangor. We are also able to visit the Cole Land Transportation Museum, another fine collection of vintage cars, motorcycles, trucks and more. Maine is a treasure chest of antique transportation museums. We really appreciate all the conservation efforts so that young people can understand where it all started. Tomorrow we have one more stop in Bar Harbor, Maine and then we will cross the border into Canada. We can’t believe it’s almost over and are hoping that the beautiful weather we are enjoying continues to hold.

Congratulations to Noah, William and Brett on another ACE on Wednesday. And thanks to Magic Dave there in the background for all your hard work, keeping Team Stahls up and running.

A group shot of Spirit of Stahls team members enjoying their lobster dinners on Tuesday evening.

Kari and Kaitlyn are doing really well in the Rookie Class. Keep up the good work!

The Auburn is always a fan favorite.

Car enthusiast taking a “selfie” with the GTO

So great to meet new and old friends every year, especially Linda Greenfield of GroupeSTAHL. Thanks for all your help Linda!

Congratulations on earning an ACE, Pink Ladies.

Corky Coker with the team from the Owls Head Museum. Thanks for a great lunch stop!

Talk about a hairpin turn.

The Mustang Sallys are enjoying their Rookie Debut!

The Owls Head Transportation Museum

A fabulous collection at the Owls Head Transportation Museum

Check out this beauty at the Owls Head Transportation Museum

As far as the eye can see…

The beauty of Maine takes our breath away. Really enjoying the scenery when we can.

It was pretty crowded in Bangor as the racers arrived.

Here’s a short video from the local news in Bangor…if you don’t blink you will see the Team Stahls’ Pink Ladies drive by. (there is a short ad in the beginning, can’t be helped)

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