Great Race Friday June 29

A great finish today for the Mustang Sallys. Three ACES. Congratulations! We normally don’t talk about our standings, but this rookie team scored the best raw score (before the car’s age factor is applied). WOW!

On Friday, the sun came out and we had a chance to admire Bar Harbor, Maine under blue skies before heading out. Shortly before our lunch break, we crossed the border into Canada at St. Stephens. After taking a few moments to readjust our thinking caps from miles to kilometers, we continued rallying into Rothesay, New Brunswick, for our first stop in Canada.  Rothesay Common was crowded with car enthusiasts of all ages, and they were especially proud to be the FIRST ever “pit stop” in Atlantic Canada for the Hemmings Motor News Great Race. The town did an amazing job, complete with marching bagpipes and live music to welcome the racers. We wish we could have stayed longer. To reach our evening stop,  there were lots of elevation changes, lots of speed change instructions. It was another challenging day of rallying and we were very happy to learn that the Mustang Sallys not only earned three ACES, they received the best raw score of the day and have moved into second place in the standings. Such an accomplishment. We were originally supposed to cross the finish line at Riverfront Park in Moncton, but it was changed to an indoor venue due to impending storms. It worked out well and the rain didn’t start up again until the finish line ceremony was finished. Moncton is home to the largest car show in Canada each July, an event that draws more than 2,000 cars from every province and many states each year. For some fantastic photos of all the cars, please take a look at the Great Race blog. Thank you to the photographers for capturing such wonderful memories of this very special Great Race. Scroll down to see all the Spirit of Stahls’ cars.

The sun did come out again before we left Bar Harbor, leaving another strong impression of this beautiful town.

We love the sense of humor going on in New Brunswick, Canada. And remember, the speed limit signs are for kilometers, not mile per hour.

Navigating is hard work.

But it pays off…helping Aunt Kaitlyn apply the latest ACES earned by the Mustang Sallys.

The best greeters and fans.

Ted and Mary pulling in to Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

The finish line was moved indoors due to impending rainstorms and it was great.

The Stars and Stripes arrives in Moncton on Friday June 29

Trevor and Josh have a word with Corky Coker.

Stars and Stripes, courtesy of

Mustang Sallys, courtesy of

Stahl and Sons, courtesy of

“I Thought You Had the Map”, courtesy of

Two-Wheel Mary and Ted, courtesy of

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