Nearing the Finish of the Great Race: Saturday June 30

It was a scorcher of a day in Nova Scotia. We are heading towards Dartmouth for our overnight. (Photo courtesy

Saturday’s finish was in Dartmouth, just across the harbor from Halifax where we will finish tomorrow. (We will travel more than 100 miles before arriving at the Waterfront Warehouse in Halifax Sunday afternoon.) Our day started in Moncton; destination Truro, Nova Scotia. With temperatures in the 90’s, it was another challenging day of rallying. After enjoying views of the ocean on the back roads, including a sighting of Prince Edward Island, we arrived in Truro to huge, cheering crowds. It was one of the best turnouts of the rally this year. Then it was time to get back on the road and hope for some cooler weather in Alderney Landing. We can see Halifax across the bay! We are thankful that we have made it this far. Team Stahls’ is down one car after Moncton, since the water pump of the Packard decided enough was enough. Brett, Noah and side-kick William had an amazing journey and we are very proud of Noah’s emerging navigating skills. Although they were disappointed to have to bow out with only one day left, Noah graciously helped out his Aunt Krystin of the Pink Ladies. We look forward to celebrating with everyone tomorrow at the final finish line.

This rally had its share of harsh conditions. Today the temps were in the 90’s and above. (Photo courtesy

Everyone was glad to feel the cool breezes from the waterfront upon arriving in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

It’s great to have so many family members come out and support us during the Great Race. Precious memories.

The water pump on the Packard decided enough was enough. It won’t be rolling over the finish line but Brett, Noah and William are there supporting the rest of the Spirit of Stahls’ teams.

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  1. Gracie Lucas says:

    This was such an awesome event. I appreciate all the updates and the wonderful pictures.

    Thank you!

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