To Finish is to Win

We all made it across the finish line, one way or the other…Here are all the Spirit of Stahls’ Great Racers (and a few fans).

One of the mottos of the Great Race is “to finish is to win.” But sometimes, when you finish, you find out you’re an actual winner. First of all, heartfelt congrats to the Jeff and Eric Fredette, a father and son team, for their overall win in their 1933 Ford Pickup. You guys worked so hard and it is well deserved. The Spirit of Stahls’ teams also have a lot to celebrate. Congratulations to Kari and Kaitlyn for winning the Rookie Class this year. Quite an accomplishment, we are very proud and happy for you. Trevor and Josh also brought home a 3rd place win in the Expert Class, along with a 5th place trophy out of all 117 Great Racers. Well done everyone! The Halifax waterfront was a very special place to end the race this year. Since July 1st is Canada Day, there were a few more people than usual in the harbor, and there were fireworks. It was a spectacular way to end another very special Great Race. We can’t believe it’s over already. We’ll see you all next year.

The Mustang Sallys pull off a 1st place win in the Rookie Class for the 2018 Great Race. Congratulations!

We couldn’t do it without our support team, especially Magic Dave. Thanks for all your help!

Congratulations to Josh and Trevor on your 3rd place win Expert Class and 5th Place overall!

Excellent achievement by the Stars and Stripes team, Trevor Stahl and Josh Hull.

Not bad! Very proud of this overall finish for the Stars and Stripes.

Although Brett and Noah’s car didn’t finish, Noah was able to cross the finish line driving the GTO. Next year!

Kaitlyn and Kari receiving their Rookie Trophy from Corky Coker.

Kaityln Stahl, Kari and Dale Schives with kids Brecken, Emery and Camden celebrate the Mustang Sallys Rookie Class win.

Welcome to Halifax Brad and Dan. Congratulations on finishing the Great Race 2018

Dan and Alda Stahl and boys at the finish line in Halifax

Congratulations to the overall winners, Jeff and Eric Fredette

The finish of the Great Race 2018 in Halifax.

Congratulations to Krystin and Micaela, AKA the Pink Ladies for finishing their very first Great Race.

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day. A grand way to end the Great Race 2018


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