A GroupeSTAHL Family Milestone


Ted Stahl, Gail Petrella Meabrod, Brian McLeod and Brian Sukarukoff at a surprise celebration honoring Gail’s 40th anniversary as a GroupeSTAHL family member.

Although it was just plain Stahls’ and it was just a few of us back then, 1973 was a special year. It’s the year that Gail Petrella Meabrod joined our small but growing team. Today we had the opportunity to celebrate her 40 years as a GroupeSTAHL team member, 40 years as a very important member of the extended GroupeSTAHL family.  It’s hard to believe it was 40 years ago! 40 years you say, she looks so young! Well that’s what happens when you start working when you’re in high school. (We actually have a few other team members that have worked for us since high school!) Gail first came to us at the request of her high school administrator after she signed up to participate in a clerical job co-op program at Lakeview High School. Luckily for us, our father Ernie and then office manager Connie knew a good thing on the spot. Gail was hired immediately (no interview ever actually happened) and there was no looking back. She’s been with us through thick and thin, doing just about every job that needed to be done along the way, whether it was human resources, organizing trade shows, doing payroll, taking orders, processing orders, paying bills, and most importantly, helping us serve our customers around the world faster and better. Gail has always had a special knack for customer service and it seems almost insulting to say she goes above and beyond, because she does much more than that. Her natural drive to be the best at what she does has made us all look good over the years. And she always does it with a huge smile on her face. Thank you Gail from the entire Stahl family and everyone at GroupeSTAHL.

Here's a picture from the company archives of Gail at a company Christmas party in 1984.

Here’s a picture from the company archives of Gail at a company Christmas party in 1984.

A Thank You from Gail: Thank you to everyone who made today so special for me. I grew up here! My parents instilled a good work ethic in their kids and working at Stahls’ made it easy to stay true to our beliefs.  As Ted mentioned today during the celebration,  we did work hard but we also played hard.  That makes for a good balance. My Dad was always proud of my accomplishments and I’m sure he still is while looking from a new vantage point. Thanks again for a wonderful surprise.

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  1. Jay E. Dupuie says:


    Please pass along a big hello to Gail. I remember when she started as well, and remember mom talking about her smiling face all the time. What a great milestone to celebrate at GroupeSTAHL.


  2. Dick and Joan Bauser says:

    Congratulations to one pleasant hard working lady on her 40 years at Stahl’s. Best wishes to Gail Petrella Meabrod from the Bauser family.

  3. Ted says:

    Thanks Jay, I’ll make sure she gets the message. Hope all is well.

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