A Sign of the Times? Increase in Sponsor Name Sales

Some sports have always demanded multiple logos. But now we're seeing multiple sponsors on sports that traditionally only had one sponsor, such as Little League Baseball or Pop Warner Football uniforms. If you are having trouble figuring out how to print multiple sponsor names, give the folks at Stahls ID Direct or Transfer Express a call.

We’re seeing an interesting trend that is most likely related to the economy…it seems more and more teams are having to recruit multiple sponsors. It’s not a problem to accomodate more than one sponsor name on a jersey…certain expensive sports, like NASCAR have been doing it for years. It’s also common in Europe to see a multitude of sponsors on one jersey. In fact I talked about doing just that in this very blog last year.  Transfer Express also has a large selection of league and sponsor name layouts for you to make your job even easier. What’s the largest number of sponsors you’ve ever had to print on one jersey? I’d like to know!

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  1. RICK CRANE says:

    21 sponsors on Youth size shirts for local 4H Club. A total of 57 shirts.
    We weeded all ourselves, each name was an averave of one inch tall. (some small youth shirts) !!!
    Next time, we will let Transfer Express do it for us on gang sheets. Yes, the cost is more for the product, however the labor factor must be considered. By utilizing the gang sheets, we would be saving money. Some sponsors may not advertise the next time, but some will. I encourange all to consider the gang sheet approach when you have either alot of sponsor names to adhere and/or alot of shirts.

    Rick Crane
    Imaging Supply Printing & Graphics
    Cordele, Ga.

  2. Ted says:

    Thank you for your comment Rick. 21 sponsors sounds like a record! Good work.

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