Are You Ready for Some Football?

The Michigan State Spartans unveiled their eye-catching neon uniforms this season.

Football season is here again and we hope you are all enjoying it as much as we are. Your favorite NFL, college and high school teams are back on the field and there’s that great feeling of hope that maybe this year will be the year your team takes it all. Have you been noticing any new uniform trends as the teams unveil their attire this season? One that we couldn’t miss this year was the unveiling of Michigan State’s neon green ensembles. The Spartans have really taken green to the next level and professional uniform reviewer Phil Hecken of Uni-Watch didn’t mince words in his opinion that was posted on Sept. 8th. Here’s an excerpt of his humble opinion:

PHIL HECKEN, UNI-WATCH: If the neon “STATE” and the neon pants weren’t enough, Sparty also wore neon gloves, changed the B1G logo to neon, made the swoosh neon and also colored in the Sparty head logos on the sleeve caps neon. I’m surprised they kept the numbers white. And for good measure, the Sparty on the helmet was neon, as was the NOB. I’m actually kinda bummed they added a white pant stripe — I mean, might as well either make that forest green or just make the pants solid neon.

Everyone’s entitled to their thoughts but there’s no denying that neon makes a huge impact on the field. If you’d like to use the neon trend in smaller doses, keep in mind that Stahls’ offers a variety of neon shades for names, numbers and logos. Maybe less is more sometimes. If you want to see more of the Michigan State uniforms, the Detroit Free Press did a great job capturing them.

Another one of our favorite teams to watch is the high school team for which our grandson Noah plays. Mary and I were able to attend a game last weekend and were happy to be able to cheer him and his teammates to a big win. But winning isn’t everything. What really stuck in our minds was the smile on Noah’s face as he came off the field. His ear to ear grin said it all. Good luck to all your teams this year.

Our grandson Noah had a great game this past weekend and we are two of his biggest fans.

The smile on Noah’s face says it all.

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