Arizona Wildcats Wild About CAD-CUT

I was glad to finally be able to meet Wendall Neal, Equipment Manager for the University of Arizona Wildcats, in Tucson.

While at the NSGA Management Conference in Tucson last week, I had the opportunity to meet Wendall Neal, the equipment manager at the University of Arizona since 1998. I was going to write a blog posting about how he uses heat printing and CAD-CUT materials to meet the needs of his team, but he beat me to the punch in his own blog.  Dave Wheatley, Jason Murphy and Jaime Flores had the opportunity to drop by and meet with Wendall’s team while they were in Arizona. Here is an excerpt from Wendall’s blog but I encourage you to go to his blog to read the rest of the story and see all the great photos. It was really good to meet you Wendall and I enjoyed your blog. Hope you don’t mind my posting some of it here:

From Wendall Neal’s Blog: …Then, we had 3 guys from Stahls’ visit our equipment room. I have been a very satisfied and loyal customer of Stahls’ for about thirty years….Monday night I asked if they could come by the equipment room for some expert advice. Man, did we ever get that!!! We have been using one of their Cad Cutters to make our own heat transfer labels and logos, but we have only been using a very small tip of the iceberg in terms of what all it can do for us. The Cad Cutter is one of the best things we have in our room, and today, they made it even more valuable for us! Read more here.


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