Back in the Bling of Things

If you still aren’t offering your customers a touch of bling, you might be missing a surprising number of extra sales. If you take a look at the video posted, you’ll find that we have a lot of ideas and easy ways you can incorporate a bit of bling into your sales if you have a cutter. We have cuttable heat transfer films, in metallic, sparkle, glitter flake, in many different colors. If you want you can also combine these materials with our Rhinestone Heat Transfers.

So yes, there’s more than one way to add bling, but if you have a heat press there’s no reason not to offer these looks to your customers. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, or if you think it won’t work with sports, consider the fans on the sidelines that wouldn’t mind cheering on their fans wearing something shiny.

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  1. Rosary McCaskill says:

    When I first started working with stones 3rs. ago I started with an iron. It got the job done. I actaully use to wish I had a old school iron with no stem holes. I now of coures, use a heat press! When your doing a big applique, the iron can be a bit much. I actually do suede boots with the iron, work out perfect.

  2. We use glitterflake, premium, super film….depending on the garment and add bling. It’s adorable on everything from t-shirts to burnout shirts to tote bags. Also try the new Extreme Essentials from Transfer Express and add bling to it. They look awesome!

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