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USA Women’s Team Track and Field uniforms feature heat printed logos,names and numbers.

This July many of us are looking forward towards the 2012 Summer Olympics. The gang at Stahls’ Decorating Fulfillment Center

Stahls’ has heat transfer materials designed specifically for heat printing on performance wear. Good luck ladies!

(Stahls’ DFC) has been busy producing items for the USA Womens’ Field Uniforms as well as  Men’s Wrestling Jackets and Singlets.  (I’ll try to get a photo of those as well). In addition, Stahls’ DFC finished up another order for the  NIKE Human Race, which is something that they have done before, but it is mind-boggling to consider that they completed printing on over 124k (yes, 124,000) digitally printed sequential numbers! What are you heat printing this summer that is sports or Olympics related? I know there are so many 5 and 10K races going on in communities all over the US, as well as fundraising Mudruns and so many other great opportunities for custom printed shirts. We would love to hear what’s “hot” this summer where you are.

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