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Thanks again for your comment on bling Rosary! You are certainly an expert on the subject. Great to hear from you.

It’s sometimes difficult to see when people comment on this blog, you have to actually click on the “comments” section to see them, so I thought I would post two comments from yesterday’s post. There is a lot of interest in bling and I also wanted to recognize Rosary McCaskill once again, she is the one who made me a custom rhinestone towel in New Orleans last year. Here is the picture again if you don’t recall. Thanks for being a continuing reader Rosary and thanks for your comments. Thanks also to Jan Stackhouse for reading and for your tip on Extreme Essentials from Transfer Express. We appreciate your feedback and always love to hear from you. I do read and respond to every single comment that is posted. It’s one of the best parts of writing this blog, getting feedback from customers.


From Rosary McCaskill:

When I first started working with stones 3rs. ago I started with an iron. It got the job done. I actaully use to wish I had a old school iron with no stem holes. I now of coures, use a heat press! When your doing a big applique, the iron can be a bit much. I actually do suede boots with the iron, work out perfect.

From Jan Stackhouse:

  •  We use glitterflake, premium, super film….depending on the garment and add bling.  It’s adorable on everything from t-shirts to burnout shirts to tote bags.  Also try the new Extreme Essentials from Transfer Express and add bling to it.  They look awesome!

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