Online Buzz About Team USA Opening Ceremony Outfits

There’s been a lot of negative criticism about the outfits designed by Ralph Lauren for the US Olympians. What do you think?

There’s a lot of talk going on about the Ralph Lauren designed outfits that US Olympic athletes will wear in the London opening ceremony event on July 27th. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but you do have to wonder how some of these decisions are made. Ralph Lauren may wind up seriously regretting the decision to make his logo so large on the jackets! There’s really no mistaking who the designer was in the case of these outfits. Which normally would be a good thing, but with all the negativity about them being manufactured in China, once again, you do have to wonder why they don’t think these things out a bit more carefully beforehand. Didn’t we have a similar reaction during the Winter Olympics when they found out the hats the athletes were wearing were made in Canada?  I’m no fashion critic, and I can’t say that everything I own, wear, and use is made in the USA but I do strive to buy American-made products when possible. But I’ll be rooting our Olympians on no matter what they are wearing. There are more important issues for Congress to be worrying about.

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  1. Art Frederick says:

    It looks like they’re wearing Russian winter hats or cloches from the 1920’s.

  2. Brian Elliott says:

    I also try to buy American products when possible. Most times it is impossible to do so as most products are not made here in the USA. We have become consumers not producers. Let’s hope this will change one day as I believe the American worker can produce a superior product.

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