Detroit’s Teams On Fire

Main Gate at Ford Field in Detroit is experiencing an upswing in their personalized and replica jersey sales thanks to the Lions 5-0 record! Heat printing makes it possible to personalize jerseys during the game.

For a city that is barely able to pay its electric bills and is planning on dimming the street lights in a small suburban area to save money, the good news is that both the Detroit Lions and the Detroit Tigers are giving residents something to cheer about. In fact they just announced a sellout of the Oct 16 Lions vs. 49’s game at Ford Field!  Everyone at Stahls’ is glad to see the teams succeed, since it means many of our local Detroit based customers–and many other businesses in the Detroit area– are getting a much needed business boost. At Monday night’s recent Bears vs. Lions game, Main Gate, the merchandising company that runs the Pro Shop at Ford Field, is part of the Stahls’ Replica Jersey Program. This means they are able to personalize jerseys while customers wait using three-color number and two-color letter transfers from Stahls’ Transfer Express. According to Main Gate, they doubled the number of personalized jerseys they normally sell. Personalized jerseys are their second most popular item, with replica Ndamukong Suh jerseys being the number one seller. Detroit fans are loyal fans, win or lose, but you can’t deny that winning teams help sell more merchandise. Good luck to the Lions and good luck Tigers in game 4!

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