Do YOU Have a Caddie?

Thanks for the picture Ben, it does a better job of showing how crowded it was at the recent ISS show in Atlantic City.

Thanks for the picture Ben, it does a better job of showing how crowded it was at the recent ISS show in Atlantic City.

I’m not talking about a Cadillac or a golf caddy, I’m talking about the Hotronix Heat Press Caddie. I only ask because it sounds like it was one of the hottest selling items at the recent ISS show, according to Ben Robinson of Hotronix. And even though my last two posts were about Atlantic City, I finally got a photo from Ben that shows how many people were there, (mine weren’t that great) crowding the aisles. Hotronix introduced a new air compressor, Counter Caddie, and Table Top Air Fusion. The Hotronix Fusion, after its debut last year at the AC ISS show, continues to rock the industry with it’s ease of use and “ThreadabilityTM.” And in case you’re wondering, we’re not the only ones who like Hotronix presses, Ben reports there were 53 Hotronix® heat presses being used by other exhibitors on the floor of the show. Talk about a “hot” heat press.  One more thing I noticed at the show was the extreme interest in CAD-PRINTZ® full color digital logos as a solution for detailed logos. I spoke with several embroiderers who were thinking about getting started with screen printing but changed their minds after seeing how easy it is to order or make their own CAD-PRINTZ instead. The learning curve for high quality full color digital logos is simply much shorter when it comes to CAD-PRINTZ versus screen printing.

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  1. Pamela says:

    I just got my caddy last week. BEST DANGED PURCHASE EVER!!!! Being able to thread a shirt for fast and easy front and backs is WONDERFUL! And, for me, I do a ton of bling (in addition to my Transfer Express transfers), now I don’t have to put a teflon sheet between the shirt layers. I thread the shirt! That, in itself, has increased my productivity by at least the 40% you guys said I would. I personally think it’s more!

    Thanks for the video that sold me! I had put it off because I was concerned about the thing flipping over. It’s the sturdiest piece of equipment I’ve ever worked with, however. No more fears of that and I’m just enjoying working in what feels like double time!

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