Increased Heat Print Productivity!

Yesterday’s blog had one of the nicest comments we’ve ever received. Since comments are often buried and not noticed by other readers, I wanted to take the liberty to repost the comment here. And also make the Hotronix Heat Press Caddie video available that Pamela mentioned. Thank you for your kind words Pamela, they were shared at GroupeSTAHL offices around the world and you made a lot of people feel very fine!

FROM Pamela at
I just got my caddy last week. BEST DANGED PURCHASE EVER!!!! Being able to thread a shirt for fast and easy front and backs is WONDERFUL! And, for me, I do a ton of bling (in addition to my Transfer Express transfers), now I don’t have to put a teflon sheet between the shirt layers. I thread the shirt! That, in itself, has increased my productivity by at least the 40% you guys said I would. I personally think it’s more! Thanks for the video that sold me! I had put it off because I was concerned about the thing flipping over. It’s the sturdiest piece of equipment I’ve ever worked with, however. No more fears of that and I’m just enjoying working in what feels like double time!

There’s not much more I can say. Thanks for reading and thank you for your confidence in our products.

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