Don’t Go Naked at Night

Don't go naked at night! Add a reflective design to your sportswear, back pack or jacket.

Don’t get too excited here. What I mean about not “going naked” at night refers to joggers, bikers, dog walkers, kids on skateboards and anyone else outside near traffic when the sun goes down. You are NAKED if you are not wearing something reflective. At least that is the message I would like people to hear. If you are out at night, not in a car, I hope you get the feeling that you are naked if you aren’t wearing something reflective. You wouldn’t go out on the street naked, so don’t go out on the street without something reflective on your clothing. Ever since Daylight Savings Time ended in our part of the  country it seems like I have been seeing, or better said, not seeing, people out at night who assume that drivers can see them in the dark. Guess what people? We can’t see you! It’s dark out! You’re wearing black, you’re wearing dark blue, drivers can’t see you. You might think they can, because you can see them…yes, they have lights on their cars! But they can’t see you. Seriously. But  you can change all that.  If you own a heat press, you can take your safety and the safety of those in your household into your own hands. Stahls’ ID offers 3M Reflective strips that can easily be heat applied to just about anything. You don’t need to use the full strip. Just a 1″ square of reflective material somewhere on a garment, cap or backpack will help. There’s a 3M Reflective Strip (The 1” strips are $2.00 ea and the 2” strips are $3.00 ea) for just about any style you want to portray. If you don’t like the styles we offer, you can cut your own logos, strips, shapes, whatever you want, out of 3M Reflective Scotchlite material that is available by the  yard. Or we can custom cut a logo for you.

If you know businesses that deliver at night, you might want to suggest they add reflective logos to their company caps and jackets.

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