Finding Something More in ExactPrint

Jason Murphy of Stahls' GSSA is holding up a sheet of Exact Print samples. Watch the video and see how it works. People wanted to buy this paper on the spot.

Yesterday I wrote about people at the SGIA who were on the quest for something more. More colors, more ideas, more ways to decorate. Screen printers actually told me they were tired of the limitations of screen printing. Embroiderers were looking for ways to expand their product offering. Others are looking for ways to print on a wider variety of items, such as hard goods or performance wear. People want “green” products because that is what their customers are asking for. People also want to be able to do things better than they have in the past, but using their existing equipment. At the GroupeSTAHL booth we had a new product that answered many of these requests for something more. It’s called ExactPrint™ and it’s a new laser transfer paper that offers a  no-weed solution for instant full color transfers onto white and light colored fabrics. Why is it called Exact Print? Because ExactPrint™ does not leave a shadow or background coating around the design. That’s right! You don’t get those ugly shadows surrounding the artwork that you get with other laser transfer papers. The paper only prints where the color laser toner was applied, making it look as if you trimmed it exactly, but  there’s no trimming necessary. Put away your scissors and put this paper into your laser printer. It works with most every laser printer. We like the Oki brand, but try it with your existing printer. At only .65 cents per sheet, ExactPrint is also a super-affordable way to print full color transfers with your laser printer. People who saw this demonstrated at the show couldn’t believe the results and couldn’t believe how great the applied print looked and felt. It truly is a “something more” product.  It heat applies to cottons, cotton blends, and 100% polyester. Watch this video and see for yourself.

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  1. Irving Adley says:

    wich model # oki laser printer do you recomened for ExactPrint
    I am interested in using this but I want to make sure I buy the right printer

    Thank You

  2. Ted says:

    Hi Irving,
    Thanks for reading my blog. As you probably already know, I’ve referred your question to Jason Murphy, the GroupeSTAHL Sales Alliance Sales Manager. He reported back to me that someone was in contact with you on this topic. There are many of Oki printers listed on a list of recommended printers, including Oki C 3450/3600, Oki C 5650/5750/5850, Oki C 8600/8800, Oki C810/830. In fact you can view this list if you go to the website, click on Heat Transfer Papers and click on the link for a list of all printers recommended for use with ExactPrint. Good luck and let me know how you like using the paper!

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