What Will They Think of Next?

I was just putting the finishing touches on a posting about more thoughts on the SGIA when I ran across this fascinating item online and just had to share it. I’ll save the other post for tomorrow, but in the meanwhile, try to wrap your head around this…introducing the Pumpple Cake…and no, you can’t make it with a heat press.

You’ve heard of a turducken? Well take a look at the Pumpple Cake, pumpkin and apple pies baked inside a cake. Only 1800 calories a slice!

According to the Today Food and Wine website, this creation is the baker’s answer to the over-the-top turducken, a chicken cooked inside a duck, cooked inside a turkey. It can be found at The Flying Monkey, located in Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market. It takes two days to bake!   Owner Elizabeth Halen reports they just started making it a few weeks ago and now they are making it everyday and selling out.  I don’t know about you, but the next time I’m in Philadelphia I wouldn’t mind taking a visit to see this in person. After I visit the Liberty Bell of course.  

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