Free Heat Press Training Classes

Stahls'  has free heat training videos on every topic imaginable, from transfers to player names to digital transfers. Please visit Stahls' TV for a complete listing.

Stahls’ has free heat training videos on every topic imaginable, from transfers to player names to digital transfers. Please visit Stahls’ TV for a complete listing.

If you own a heat press and need more information on how to use it, we can help. We have dozens of free heat press training videos available on Stahls’ TV, on the Transfer Express website, on the Stahls’ website. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a piece of equipment in your shop that no one knows how to use properly. I’ve even heard of situations where equipment is purchased and it never makes it out of the box. I also recently learned about a customer of ours that has ruined thousands of dollars in garments because their staff was not trained on how to properly use the heat press. Yes, heat presses are very easy to use. In fact, Hotronix heat presses are specifically engineered to make heat printing easy and convenient. But it’s also not uncommon for the uninitiated to press without being fully informed, which can lead to ruined garments. The number one cause of ruined garments is the due to the user not knowing the correct time, temperature and pressure settings for a particular graphic. There are technical sheets and application sheets available for every one of our graphics online. If you aren’t sure or are getting bad results, please call us immediately. For example, if you try to apply an ElastiPrints transfer at 350 degrees, you’re going to have a mess on your hands (ElastiPrints can be applied at 300 degrees or even a bit lower). If you try to remove the paper from a transfer immediately and it’s a “cold peel” transfer, you’ll be disappointed. If you don’t know that you’re supposed to use a Flexible Application Pad, to prevent heat press marks on your polyester shirts, you can easily fix that. If you own a Hotronix heat press and aren’t using it because you have ruined garments in the past, we can help. Please don’t hesitate to call us. If it’s after business hours, we also have many free heat printing videos available online. If you aren’t the type to watch informational videos online, perhaps we can arrange for a visit at one of our regional service centers.  (Right now we have showrooms in Corona, CA, Irving, TX and Chandler, AZ, with more opening soon.) It might even be possible for someone from Stahls’ to visit you in your shop and provide hands on training to your staff. But we can’t help if we don’t hear from you. We stand behind the power of heat printing and its ability to make your life easier and more profitable. You should be getting 100% perfect heat printing results every time you use a heat press if you are using the right graphics for the right fabric.

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  1. Dolores says:

    Hello, do you sell heat press? I’m very interested in both purchasing and learning how. Thank you

  2. Ted says:

    Hello Dolores, yes you can find information by clicking on any of the links in the post or by calling Stahls’ or Transfer Express. Thanks for reading.

  3. Sylvia Page says:

    I am interested in an upgrade, I use a cricut machine and I want or should say expand my horizon and have a small business and want to learn hoe to use a Stahls cutter machine. Just looking for a commercial one not too big. which one can you recommend for me and also training, need some help. Thanks

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