How to Print Soccer Uniforms

FIFA numbers on jerseys

What’s in a number? This photo posted by FIFA on their Instagram account shows the many different versions of the number 4. Do you recognize your favorite soccer teams?

If you think your local soccer league has strict regulations about how to apply player names and numbers, hopefully they are not as demanding as the uniform rules insisted upon by FIFA for the 2014 World Cup jerseys. This video from Stahls’ gives general information on heat printing soccer uniforms for most schools and leagues, but please be sure to check with your customer to make sure there are no “extra special” rules. I found it very interesting that FIFA has very exacting specifications when it comes to numbers. The numbers have to have a stroke width of between 3 millimeters and 5 millimeters. No numbers too thick or too thin are allowed. Of course soccer isn’t the only sport with exacting specifications. You will find similar rules when it comes to decorating jerseys for just about any professional sport. At the high school or local league level, there are also rules, but they are usually not so incredibly picky. Again, please make sure you confirm any league requirements before you start heat printing.

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