The Heat Printing Zone at SGIA Expo- Day One

Speaking to a group at the Stahls' Heat Printing Zone SGIA 2011

We took some time in the Heat Printing Zone to speak with customers and let them ask questions. It was a great honor to have so many people interested in the future of heat printing.

This morning the SGIA Expo opened in New Orleans. It is not as busy as expected but not bad for a Wednesday and we are sure the traffic will pick up. They are expecting over 10,000 visitors and if you have never been to a large industry trade show, this is a great one to attend. Especially if you are interested in seeing what is new in the world of digital printing.

There is digital printing equipment here that costs over $250,000 and it is fascinating to see the large format printing that can be done. Happy to report that most of the heat presses on the show floor are from Hotronix® . More on that later.

I just finished speaking in The Heat Printing Zone, which is an educational area where we are talking about heat printing. It was an honor to have so many loyal customers and old colleagues on hand. I was especially surprised when Madeline Bordelon of Staples Sporting Goods in Gretna, LA took the microphone to ask me a question. She says her family has been doing business with Stahls’ for over 60 years. She mentioned how rare it is to have businesses that want to maintain long term relationships. Madeline praised the quality of our products and services and it was indeed a very special moment.

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